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I don't like this idea at all. The current cost of the cosmetics is already extremely low, making them free as this thread proposes would reduce whatever income stream GSF has left to effectively nothing.

There should probably be some way to share or unlock cosmetics account-wide, but even that has obviously been no kind of priority. Making them all cost 0? I don't understand how this would benefit anything.
The OP isn't suggesting that the team makes the existing cosmetic options free. They are suggesting that there be new ones added that are craftable.

They already do the same with dye modules and weapon color crystals for your ground character. Some are crafted, some are direct buy. I think more cosmetic options is a good thing.

Quote: Originally Posted by Verain View Post
would reduce whatever income stream GSF has left to effectively nothing.
Regarding this point specifically, do you really think the major GSF income stream is from cosmetics, or from the conversion of ship requisition to fleet requisition? Granted, a player who has all their ships completed (in your definition), all the cosmetics unlocked, all the crew companions, and all the cartel ships unlocked probably doesn't need to make that conversion on a regular basis. But, the conversion process is something that is potentially useful in the future:
  1. If the Devs (i.e. Bret H.) ever release any more crew companions (or make the existing slate of KOTFE/KOTET companions work in GSF)
  2. If the Devs release new cartel versions of existing starfighter types, they'll need to be upgraded with fleet req unless you have a stockpile of grants
  3. If the Devs ever release Infiltrator class, it will need to be upgraded just like new cartel skins
  4. If the Devs create a mechanism to transfer fleet req into a legacy-bound requisition grant.

And of course the conversion retains its usefulness for any character in the process of upgrading their starfighters. So, I think the income stream from GSF is most likely from the fees for the conversion of ship req to fleet req more than the cosmetics. I don't support making them all free, but I don't think if they had a price cut (or less demand because of competition from crafters in-game), it would affect much.
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