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Full wither buffs still provides about half the damage that deathfield does (not to mention it has a 10 metre non-placeable range). I'm already used to using maul from behind, and with the spike move, it's no issue to get behind them, I'm already used to it. My force pool is also quite plentiful so no fanaticism is okay with me.

Dark ward now provides damage mitigation to kinetic abilities. I use a shield (with dps mods), so I loose something like 100 force bonus damage, but gain a decent amount of mitigation which can be used for both those moves. Plus they provide more chances to quicken the cooldown of force shroud.
So instead of using just one 50 force ability you're going to use 2 in your rotation?
Best of luck to your force pool (and if you'd actually tried it you'd see you actually don't have enough force with just DF), and full darkness actually does more dps anyways if you parse it out. But feel free to go for it.
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