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Those are defensive measures. While I haven't explicitly tested 2.0 in terms of dark ward and shielding, I think I should be able to survive a bit longer, enough to make a dent on the other team. I already hit 4k death fields in my min maxed 50 gear (as a level 55), combine that with hitting 5 people, is quite nice (a mini smash if you will).

Also people seem to forget the importance of out of stealth spike, it's such a useful skill and should almost be used at every chance possible.
If you want more damage, then you should be taking wither, conspirators cloak, and mounting darkness and dropping a point somewhere else in darkness to keep at 36. This will give you much more damage and won't rape your force pool in the process, while also giving you extra harnessed darkness stacks, and aoe slow and damage reduction, and won't waste points in dot damage. No matter how you slice it, death field without fanatacism is a bad idea.
My question to you though is this: if you wanted more dps and not a tanking spec, why did you get dark ward and dark bulwark? You know shielding without any absorb is pointless right?
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