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As for assassins, even Force Slow won't do anything if they are spec'd right. If I'm stunned during my Force Speed, thats a wasted CD. If they are Madness and root me during a Force Speed, thats another wasted CD, as they still have a stun up. And tank spec'd Assassins? They can just pull you back into range and then stun you as they burst you down. Perhaps you've never played against an actually good assassin.
-Don't force speed unless your resolve bar is full.
-You are dramatically overestimating the likelihood of electrocute being used. Most assassins use electrocute earlier in the fight so that they can continue dumping all they can on you while you're still close. The good ones will save it for a strategic use.
-1v1 against tank specced assasins in my experience don't have the damage output to be a problem for me.