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02.12.2012 , 02:12 PM | #516
Quote: Originally Posted by Jurence View Post
The only class that I have trouble with is an operatives if Unbreakable Will is on CD.

Assassins should not be a problem.
Against an assassin you have as leverage: Electric Bindings w/ overload, Shock, Force Slow.

Force speed w/ force slow will give you good leverage against any melee.

You should be able to take out any sniper 1v1 as well if you are decent.

As for how you can take out all other classes individually ... if you pay me to teach you I'll gladly do it. But otherwise, top PVPrs don't share their techniques freely.
Snipers and Gunslingers are by far the easiest class to counter, I'll give you that.

As for assassins, even Force Slow won't do anything if they are spec'd right. If I'm stunned during my Force Speed, thats a wasted CD. If they are Madness and root me during a Force Speed, thats another wasted CD, as they still have a stun up. And tank spec'd Assassins? They can just pull you back into range and then stun you as they burst you down. Perhaps you've never played against an actually good assassin.

I don't need lessons from some random on these forums, and that's all I'll say about your "top PvP" claim.