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good guide your spec i think is off. Get rid of heat damping you never use those as a healer enough to matter like maybe once per pull? power shield get rid of necessary evil to maximize your character. Put those points into systems calibrations, intergrated systems for 2% increased healing across the board. seems to me this guide is outdated maybe? missed some obvious stuff.

correct build
Yeah, I've been as of late thinking about seriously reiterating major parts of this guide. I've done small sections of it and will continue to do some more large sectional changes. I believe you're right about being outdated since I first started when I was playing during early release.

I agree on the change on the tree since I have noticed that I haven't been needing to use the cc abilities as much but I feel it would have been more suitable towards pvp since I do play on a pvp server. I should note that there as well.

I just recently started doing HM Flashpoints and just did 4/5 Eternity Vault (will pick up tomorrow for the final one) and had a blast. During that time, I had a HUGE learning experience, especially the whole Kolto Shell healing bug bind-up where I get instant aggro until it gets attended to. So I wait to put that on until a little bit after the tank generates aggro.

As far as Power Shield, I'm not sure why I have that there, so I will need to pay some extra attention in the tree in getting things optimized right. I know my spec now doesn't have it set.

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Hey guys just wondering for pvp which relic would you get alacrity or the surge & crit?

I'm not too sure since I'm not huge on pvp, but I have absolutely no problem hitting over 5k heal crits, so surge shouldn't be your concern. I would focus on your power and crit. Even healing gear that BW gives you gives you an option between Power and Crit with a little mixture of Surge in it.

Just remember, this is a pve perspective since I do do both pve and pvp, I don't pvp as much as I intend to nor will I.
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