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Even still, I then had to figure out that they had clipped the last name -- e.g., had I entered Neil Stephenson as my favorite author (I didn't, don't go trying to hack my account), when I tried to login, the only thing that worked to answer that question was "Neil", which doesn't make sense on either count -- I would have entered "Neil Stephenson" had I thought I was being asked their full name, or I would have entered "Stephenson" as his last name, but I never would have entered "Neil" by itself... I must have entered "Neil Stephenson" and it clipped everything after the space without telling me? That's assuming I'm remembering the question wrong and they didn't change the wording, which is also a possibility.
You wonderful wonderful person! Do you mind if I kiss you through the internet? That's exactly what they did to my security question! I'd never have guessed that if I hadn't found your post. Thank you!!!