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The Inquisitor's personality is so unlikable half the time, but everyone else surrounding him in his story line are very interesting.

He repeats ridiculous one-liners, makes lame jokes, responds at times like he's an institutionalized slave, then at other times, one dialogue selection later, he pulls a 180 and acts like he's supposed to be a god. Half the time, I don't like anything he says in the available options, and sometimes all three options are basically the same tone. If the Sith Warrior gets anything, it's storyline.

I remember the time he first got his step, he saw it, and ran up to it like a child would....
This is not Palpatine, a master manipulator, or someone who would be an asssassin.
My inquisitor is very sensible. Never acts like a child at all. I don't know what your problem is, maybe the choices that you make.
-What should I mentally prepare for as a new healer?
People thinking that you heal them out in spite of any **** they do!