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I wanted to just do the PVE events (it is a PVE server I am on) I did not pick up PVP quests and while doing the PVE area if you start to go out of the area it will tell you that you will be flagged I was NOT flagged but there were players who were running around who would take someone like myself just doing the PVE and when we started hitting a mob they would hit it and it would auto flag us when he did then they would start hitting us.
That sounds like a bug. You should submit a bug report on it in game. They won't read it, but at least they won't be able to say nobody told them about it.

The way the dev posts have explained it, you should be able to complete all of the PvE objectives without entering the "Southern Bowl" area that flags you for PvP. They said the mobs in the PvP area are "easier," but there should be mobs in an area outside where you don't need to be flagged.

I've seen other threads complaining about people griefing world boss parties through an exploit that allows the griefers to force the raid party to get flagged for PvP as soon as they attack the world boss. It sounds like there is some sort of persisting bug here that causes you to be flagged for PvP just by interacting with an NPC that another player who is flagged has also attacked.