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02.13.2013 , 05:18 AM | #91
Everyone griping and complaining about their particular favorite item of the game (PVP/PVE, etc.). But, I have yet to see a single comment about what will really toast your wheat bread. Have you looked at the levels required to buy the Bind to Legacy weapons from the vendor? Short answer...Champion level. You are limited to 12k rep per week, the first four levels to become a "Friend of the Gree" take a total of 15k going up in increments of 2500. So, the next level should be somewhere around 10k to finish (not, Champion, BTW). Sooo, in two weeks you can earn 24k, but 25k is going to be required to hit that 5th won't be able to buy any of those nice, pretty weapons that they hung out there as teasers until BioWare decides to have the Gree return for the next episode of their "recurring event." Nice, thanks for the Dirty Kick BioWare.