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Is there a way to replay old stories?? I notice that you can replay Both eternal throne stories using the chapter option?

What about all the rest?? Mekeb, Iokath, ect. ect,

If there is no way then there should be..

I agree I loooove if you could the re-play the old stories. I would even role play with my friends or by myself, even have different mount, weapons,armor cosmetic looks depending in what part of the story I be! Not to mention the hours I would endless spent exploring all choices, dialog, romance and outcomes of EVERY CLASS to see the results at the end of the Eternal Throne Saga!

I still create new characters as I keep discovering more and more different bits of story that I like to play to add to my Legacy tree fro RPG reasons. But being able to do it with my Main would be just a dream come true! I have such good memories in does old quest with my main... that I wish to relive my my old vet characters!

Also it be great to expand the chapters system with the old stories as they keep adding new!
Yep the "Force of Nostalgia feels" is strong with me! haha lol