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Why are there so many of these threads? Sins are fine. They have better DCD's than a mara and more frequent access to things like ball lighting to help mitigate the range issues. Deception has like the second best burst in the game. What part of 'your sin' needs to come back
knock down on spike to pay back the plethora of jugs now infesting most maps only being out numbered by mercs. Oh but it was bad when we knocked peeps down but perfectly fine for jugs to throw halfway across the map and knock us down lame Dev's hypocrisy knows no bounds!
Next I want a fricken heal not some lame ^$%^ percentage of health that is worse than a stim! So if heal on dmg is good for merc and jug sign me up!

yeah if you did that though you take away merc and jugs I win button so not gone happen......BUT KNOCK DOWN ON SPIKE SHOULD BE BROUGHT or turn jugs throw into a stun fair is fair!