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Why are there so many of these threads? Sins are fine. They have better DCD's than a mara and more frequent access to things like ball lighting to help mitigate the range issues. Deception has like the second best burst in the game. What part of 'your sin' needs to come back
I'll take a crack at it. I'm not the best shadow. I'm not the worst. I'd call myself good. I don't feel like the burst is there, at all, to overcome the state of the PvP world in the post 5.0 and especially 5.7 state of things. Survivability, defense, and damage has seemingly increased for the other classes, and they hit in many cases, harder than we do. Our biggest heavy hitter, the 3 (or 4 depending on how you handle things) Proc'd Force breaches thanks force potency, shadow stride, and force cloak reset of force pot, is not going to obliterate any geared person, who isn't a dps shadow. And that's assuming we can stay on target long enough to even do all that. 2 of our attacks have a 10 meter (and given the overabundance of ranged, we're still in the sweet spot for many of our attackers at 11 meters) and the rest of our attacks are 4 or 5 meters.

Given knockbacks, slows, and stuns, it is really doubtful we're on target long enough to take competent ranged down....and disengaging and coming back in a more advantageous circumstance is not possible or viable much of the time. Can we be brutal in certain situations? Yes, but those situations are very rare these days.

We already have issues with skanks, and with the tank changes coming in 5.9.2, I think healer/tank combos will be even more viable than they are now, and that means trouble as those healers are going to better be able to keep the ranged dps alive that obliterates us (and even if we do take care of things, then the OP defenses of our opponents kick in).

As far as our DCDs and survivability, deflection and resilience definitely have great uses, but the removal of our 30% damage reduction on stun is a crippling nerf. The whole concept of glass cannon is that the glass cannon is a viable threat to burst someone down. I just don't feel like we infiltration shadows can do that and that there are more viable options out there. I would suspect a lot of peeps who still use infiltration may switch over to tank. Time will tell, I guess.