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Juggs are tough as hell in regs. In WZs self heals make a huge difference. As the saying goes, you can't DPS when you are dead. Add to that that Juggs can taunt, they're sucking 30% of their enemies damage off the top which obviously aids in survival.
While in general we agree on a lot, I literally swapped back to tanking because of a hypergate where i died 10-15 times (no that's not an exaggeration). I've gone back on occasion since, it's still a lot of getting destroyed.

A well played guardian compared to a well played sent, literally has a taunt and focused defense (more later). And keep in mind that the damage reduction applies to everyone except the one taunting. Reflect is nice, but people don't bother stopping attacking you during it unlike another certain class that got reflect in 5.0 (which I'm totally not still bitter about at all by the way).

The self heal scaled very poorly for dps specs with the change to 5.0. In 4.0 it really was a second life. Now, half a life if you manage to get all the ticks off for less than it heals.

To me, sent and guardian are completely backwards at the moment. Sents should have the high damage at the cost of survivability. Guardians should do less dps but have a survivability advantage.