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There is a difference between playing both and preferring one over the other. Some people prefer PvE, but play both. Some people prefer PvP, but play both. And some people prefer equally. However, the majority prefer PvE(even if some play both). But that doesnt matter. Everyone should be forced to PvP if they want to be able to steer their ship in space
The whole PvP vs. PvE myth is pure carebear agenda.
PvE is the whole content including story, you can NOT do anything else than "prefer" PvE.
PvP just happens in an "E"NVIRONMENT too, PvP is not content.

Today I prefer quests tomorrow I do warzones. Normal players play everything a game has to offer.
Only carebears deal in extremes.

yes I want a huge open world in GS instead of arenas but I want it with PvP and PvE mixed open world FFA sandbox.
Stop the separation between NPC and Players.