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Voss won't happen, neither as a species nor as a class (that would be essentially the same as making "Human" a class).

Why? Well, quite apart from the fact that they are tall and skinny compared to the other species, which would make armour fits a bit stressful, they would also convert the middle of Chapter 3 of the class story into complete gibberish.

NPC: The trials are only for the Voss. You are an outsider.
Voss Player: ...

Class-story NPC: You must go to Voss. It's a recently-discovered world that nobody knows much about.
Voss Player: ...
Voss race perhaps, but a mystic advanced class for Inquisitor/consular could work. You just have to assume you were ad-libing until you saw on Voss that is was definitly a thing. Given the class stories, it even makes sense that they were tapping into strange new powers in the force.