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Severith, you have my sincere apologies for incorrectly titling the thread as you were correct that the only Gear Items purchasable with the Monumental Crystal.

What I saw on another Vendor were Decorations that would also use the monumental Crystal and I have no Great need for the decorations, I like them and all but there are better ways to spend my time in a game. I con decorate at home if I really feel the need. I didn't remember that the items were on different vendors hence the confusion on that issue.

Mea Culpa
My apologies as well, I didn't see those couple of decos that you could buy with the monumental crystal. I'm guessing that about 99.9% of monumental crystals are spent on mainhand/offhand. That being said...

I've got several toons in full 258 that never set foot in ranked. I simply reject the notion that end game gear is gated behind ranked pvp.

Anyways, have a good one, and good luck in the future.