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I'll double check my information, in other words I'll check the Vendors on Ossus again as I believe the were other items beside the main and offhand items that took monumental crystals to obtain. That being said, if I am wrong I stand corrected and apologize for wasting peoples time on the Monumental Crystal portion of the issue. That however, still doesn't change the fact that the environment has gotten toxic which while not where the thread started was brought into the conversation.

I'm not someone who just comes onto the Forums to complain, I'd really like to see positive changes where people take the game for what it is, A game, entertainment meant to be fun. i know people are competitive and want to win. I want to win but if I don't I don't kick a player form a team or verbally abuse them or even insult them. I will admit I called a group of rage quitter a bunch of pansies to the rest of the team in a hypergate match today. What's funny is that we managed to turn it around and won the match. In that case I was on my Tank Spec Trooper. As stated before this problem is with the DPS Sage I took into ranked to get the Monumental Crystal.

As for the not being comfortable or familiar with the class, I'm working on improving those skills but the only way to improve them is to play in the environment that uses them. I don't expect to be the best but I will strive me best to contribute meaningfully to every group and match I enter. I run the daily and weekly regs on this same toon but the play style is different there. Different skill levels and ways of doing things that can only be learned with the help of other players and or fighting against them in those types of matches. I'm not saying that people shouldn't get upset with a loss but many people complain that the queues don't pop fast enough or they are always facing off against the same few people. The Toxicity to which I was referring is what chases new blood out and keeps the wait for matches longer. It is a game, feel free to take it seriously as you want but don't be rude to others who may not have the same mindset. I've done PvP in many games,I'm better in some worse in other just like I am better in some classes here and worse in others. My own guild banned me from playing a healer because I am more danger to the party as the healer than the Enemy is. I still try healing in some games where it's an added skill available to all classes and not an actual role line in most MMO games.

As for the Crafters back in 2.0, I've been playing since Beta and didn't laps my Sub until around the time a few months before Makeb and Rise of the Hutt Cartel was announced. I was subbed once again from before KotFE until after KotET and Iokath. I've been in and out of the game from time to time since then. But back in that time frame I had all crew skills unlocked across my account but I also had all my characters that ran PvP in full PvP sets. Mostly my Tank Apathy. I'm not trying to get a free ride or farming losses, I'm trying to play the matches and win, I'd rather win and get the Points 5 at a time as opposed to farming 50 losses. As I may have mentioned before I do want the game to be wat it's supposed to be FUN and ENTERTAINING.

I'm going to log back into the game and have some fun now, I'll get back to you in the Monumental Crystal issue and apologize properly is I am mistaken on that count.
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