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I wasn't causing 50 losses, the games I played we would win some and lose other a ratio of 40/60 W/L, sometimes more losses but I was doing my job. The team we were up against all targeted me as a group, and I was a DPS Sage so I was kind of squishy. I missed the bubble in the seconds it took them to kill me with all four targeting me together.

My issue in this case as I stated earlier was "needing" to play Ranked PvP in order to get the Monumental Crystal, this has nothing to do with the Main Hand / Off hand as I already have them from the World Boss missions. I do better in PvP when I'm on a Tank or Heavy Armor DPS. But the character I was working on was my Sage.

While my frustration is more about the toxic nature of how people relate to each other in situations like this which is why I started this thread. I wasn't looking to start any kind of a fight over how people are playing to win or playing just for their own numbers. I'd like to see some refinement made to the objective, timing and scoring to make playing to win the objectives more important that getting higher numbers. I'll probably add those in the suggestion box thread unless there's a related version in the PvP forums.
The only thing you can buy with the monumental crystals is the 258 main hand and offhand. Therefore, whenever you are talking about obtaining monumental crystals, what you are actually talking about is obtaining 258 main hand and offhand.

Since you can't even be bothered to learn that, but you still post about it anyway, I have to put you in the category of "people who complain in the forums but don't know what they're talking about". Don't worry though, I'm sure you'll find many like minded friends here.

By your words alone, you admit to queing for ranked pvp on a character class you're not good at or comfortable playing in pvp. That's not what ranked pvp is for, that's what regs are for. Your greed and misunderstanding is the actual cause of the toxicity here.