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Honestly the level of ad hominem hostility being directed at me in this discussion is really disturbing.

I simply made the request that people be mindful and respectful of others in GSF. If you know you are strong pilots and you queue as a group, and you wipe the floor with the opposing team repeatedly, it is game breaking for everyone else. GSF, as all PvP, necessitates some approximation of balance. The devs implemented an attempt to create more balanced matches by ranking pilots, and having them automatically separated and sorted to the two teams according to skill. This only seems to function when people queue individually. However when people queue as a group together, all balance is lost. Perhaps this is in part because the current mechanic can't adjust for the significant increase in effectiveness that occurs when people who are skilled work as a team, with voice communication between them. Whether that's part of it or not, the fact remains that GSF becomes basically unplayable during the periods when groups of expert pilots queue together as a team.

My request of my fellow players is some consideration for the balance, and simply to please, if you notice after a couple of matches that you are clearly destroying the balance, to by all means keep queing and enjoying the game, but queue individually so that the game has a chance to balance the two teams.

The suggestion that was aimed at me, that I should just find a group of my own if I don't like it, doesn't seem realistic. On the drop of a hat, at any random time when a group of 4 elite pilots happens to form a team and start queuing, I'm not suddenly going to be able to find an equal number of basically equally skilled pilots to form a second team. I don't have the metrics available that the game's internal mechanic has for sorting pilots according to skill level, and finding several top notch pilots at a moment's notice just because another group has formed, is often not going to be available.

If you enjoy a challenge and respect the need for balanced teams in PvP, as in any fair competition, and if you are sure there are more pilots of equal or comparable skill available and interested in queing at that time... then you could actually form both teams, and make it a proper and fair competition. If you can't however find more people of similar skill who want to do GSF at that time, then telling the other people that it's their fault for not finding and making their own team is obviously ruled out. So if there aren't more people who want to form a second team then instead of wrecking the game for everyone else you could split your current team of 4 , for example, into two teams of 2, still allowing a chance that the GSF teams can be balanced, and fun for everyone.

Refusing to queue in a way that allows for a fair fight, and balanced teams, and good matches that are fun for everyone who is queing, is at best poor sportsmanship. Insisting that it's not your problem but the problem of the other players, and putting the obligation on them to find a second group of comparably strong pilots so the match can return to being balanced is not going to be practically feasible much of the time, even if they would try.

Until such time as our developers find a way to mitigate this imbalance through an internal mechanic, the best I can do is ask my fellow pilots to choose, of their own good will, to be considerate, and to try to be part of the solution for keeping the matches balanced and fun for everyone who is trying to enjoy GSF.
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