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You can talk stats and abilities but let me be plain about this devs. The explosive round, sticky grenade, stock strike, pulse cannon, and full auto are core to the base class. I would much rather have these abilities back along with mortar volley on the vanguard with its old 30 meter range, then have a dumbed down vanilla generic class for the sake of stats and numbers. The new mortar volley for vanguards never set well with me. The old one was awsome. I wont say some of the changes were bad. Tactical surge is way better than scattered electricity, and it feels, shoots, and looks like a trooper ability. This is a mmorpg emphasis on the rpg. On my merc I did a lot of damage with flame thrower and the bh version of the stock strike. What an ability does it not just about the numbers it produces but the effects it has.

Everything you say is discredited by the fact that you clearly don't know what you are saying .
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