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Look I don't mean to burst any of yalls bubble here and please here me out. I have been maining a pt tank in nim raids and ranked pvp. And in terms of pvp this will not fix a single thing for our tank. Being able to shoot your railshot from 30m is not a useful thing to have. Here is couple of reasons.

1. You are not even in guard range if you are doing that.

2. You can't set up cleaves this way.

3. Classes have gap closers aplenty. Mad dash leaps, rocket out, sniper rolls, operative rolls (who are we kidding with this 30m range).

Out biggest issue right now is dcds compared to other tanks and utility. And by utility i dont mean 30m range. That adds nothing of value to the PT/VG tank. Is it fun pretending to be a range tank sure but its not what will make this class a better pick in pvp or pve. What we are actually lacking

1. dcds to go toe to toe with a juggernaut. In most ranked matches a jugg wins in milage because their cooldowns are more effective and come back much much faster, relieving pressure off your healer.

2. Utility things like intercede (harpoon a teammate)? Along those lines. The most utility we give a team is a transpose that is to slow, and sonic rebounder (great for raids not so much in ranked pvp).

Fixing those will actually put us in a better spot. And for those talking about dps here is a couple of things it won't fix.

1. Mercs and sniper don't care if you run.

2. Juggs leap/mad dash and a plethera of slows.

3. Mara has all what the juggs do plus predation which gives it to everyone.

4. will not out range or run this.

6. Assassin phantom stride/pull (if tank), low slash stun, stealth outs etc.

So where is the range gonna help, because it is such a gimicky thing to waste an update on and treat it as a nerf.
I don't get why you're seeing this thread as "only one buff is needed for this class, and this is it!"

First of all, the essence of this thread is requested a change to be reverted. So in not way is this considered a solution to anything. You could say its, uhh... asking a change be reverted? But you're stretching your argument so far it kind of hurts just to reply to it, why are you running away with this idea that its only one change allowed? Don't get that at all

As for all your "oh noes, the matchups!" I can't comment at it without laughing... lol!
You're taking every situation where its ideal for the opponent and forcing the assumption that it loses you the fight. Yikes. You must have a hard time in pvp. I dunno
Also, why are you bringing up VG tanking? Every post addresses this from a dps perspective, the least you could do it respect that, I get you play Tank mostly, I do too, but if it doesn't hurt your ability to tank I fail to see why you're trying to take a stance on disagreement when nothing you raise is a direct proponent as to demonstrate why this is a bad idea, and worse, you propose something that doesn't even address the main point of range here, there's a plethora of inconsistencies when it comes to vanguard and range/positioning.
Especially when every melee class in comparison now has more range option select than a VG, you know, the class with the gun/rifle, usually considered a long range weapon.
This discussion has nothing to do with defensive capabilities, so (not being rude) keep it on subject at the very least.
There are many proposed changes and solutions to VG issues and playability, many people have offered great ideas, but this doesn't oppose any of them, at the very most, it compliments them. Hell even the OP mentioned DCDs and many other ideas offered, he's just making note that none of them mention VG range.