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07.06.2017 , 02:58 PM | #30
So I had a specific problem that made me stop playing GSF, and then when I heard there were changes a couple weeks ago I tried it and quickly remembered why I stopped in the first place. Basically, my experience with GSF goes something like this:

- Join the match. Fly towards an objective. Get blown up by a gunship.
- Respawn. Get blown up by a gunship.
- Respawn. Fly behind a rock this time so the gunship can't find me. Get blown up by a different gunship.
- Respawn. Attack a gunship that's busy blowing someone else up and dump rockets into it. At 30% health it boosts away. I get blown up by a different gunship.
- Rinse and repeat.

Now maybe this is just me being bad at GSF, I'd believe that. But it's very discouraging to think that, in any given life in GSF, I'm more likely to get blown up off the cuff than actually contribute to my team winning. In regular PvP, even when I die horribly, I usually can do something - guarding nodes, or running interference, or pulling people away so my team can hit an objective - to help the team. Failing that, I can at least point to a mistake on my part ("huh, one person attacking a point with three people there isn't a very good idea, who knew?"), whereas in GSF all I've been able to conclude is that I shouldn't be flying things that aren't gunships.

Compounding this, I find it very hard just to keep track of where my team is and what they're doing. Unless someone literally flies in front of me with an enemy on their tail, I have no idea where they are, or who they're fighting. It's a lot harder - again compared to regular PvP - to team up on people, or go where your group is, or otherwise make all these decisions that come smoothly in a warzone or arena situation.

Finally - I don't think gear progression belongs in any PvP system, but it's especially poorly suited for GSF, where there's not even the pretense of a rating system or matchmaking to keep you in games with similarly-geared people.