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07.06.2017 , 02:46 PM | #24
Thank you for finally willing to hear out pleas. I was beginning to think the GSF pilots are the redheaded stepchildren of the game.

Adding the tier 1 gunship and bomber to the hangar did help to bring new players in. However, a new ship does not make a pilot. Learning curve is steep for new pilots coming off PVE and the tutorial is quite lacking. It's a sink or swim proposition in which new folks decide it's not worth it after being blown out of the sky 10,20 or more times. I know I was flustered at first but I like a challenge on occasion. I think a more comprehensive tutorial, possibly with NPC opponents will help them realized exactly what GSF is.

Wish we had an extra minute or 2 before matches to go over strategies with our team based on who's opposing us. Not everyone is using team speak or any voice chat. Hard as heck to type n fly. It would help the new pilots know who to be a wingman for and what to do over all. Giving new people a real fighting chance.

Matchmaker just out right sucks. When I notice it's heavily one sided and my team can clearly handle it, I just flutter about doing what I can to be annoying. We need a better system overall. Based on a medal system or time in the cockpit. Something just to balance out matches to make them competitive and fun.

I'd love to see a legacy hangar system, faction based would be fine. It would be cool if the hangar was interactive liken the hangars on the fleet. Between matches my toon could clean the carbon scoring off her freshly painted ship.

New maps of course. For vet pilots, we know the lay of the land. It can become boring to know there's a piece of space junk coming and need to strafe left. Maybe a trench run or bombing an outpost on some distant planet.

And new swag. I have capped my fleet commendations and there's nothing the vendors have that I want nor need. Perhaps selling personalized paint jobs. Think WWII bombers (Memphis Belle) and the like. Would be neat to have decals that expressed our individual tastes. I know wishful thinking but I'm tossing it out there.