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Quote: Originally Posted by Alexdaphnis View Post
Having heavy armour , shield , defensive abilties etc and they can crit for 6-7 k aoe
Nah, that's the elusive 31/31/31 build in action.

Ya know, Assault Plastique -> Incendiary Round -> HIB -> Storm -> Gut -> Stockstrike -> some Commando's knockback -> Blitz = x.x

Seriosuly though, I've gotten the 2.5 one a few times with relic and adrenal on my Shield spec in Supercommando armor. What if I spec assault, stack more Aim instead of End and wear a crit/surge armor? HIB ignores 60% of it so in theory it can maybe crit a fresh 50? Or not a HIB but an Assault Plastique? Just tninkin'.