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02.15.2012 , 08:03 AM | #5
Well the surge nerf yesterday should have taken the edge off the really big crits, only someone with high PvP gear + buffs vs someone without should get 6-7k crits now. I'd imagine an average of 4-5k which isnt that unusual for a DPS build character. Heavy armor is only useful verses normal damage hits, which are only a small percentage of the damage floating around the battlefield.

Also a Focus build guardian (which I assume your referring to) has very unreliable DPS in general. The AoE as you mentioned requires a setup, and has a very small AoE range. It requires you to get in the middle of everyone to use. If the damage of the other abilities of a Focus guardian was high, then I'd agree with you but it's pretty much an 'All your eggs in one basket' build.

It's not overpowered since the Stims/Adrenal stacking was nerfed. Now Surge has been knocked back as well. Personally I find it too much of a one-shot wonder to play as one. I switched to Vigilance spec.
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