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Having heavy armour , shield , defensive abilties etc and they can crit for 6-7 k aoe is just absurd , what was in developers mind i have no clue and please stop with that moron argument that it needs 2 prerequisite many classes do this and dont get so high dmg and aoe included it ruins any kind of balance
i have a 50 jugg in full champ minus one tionese and 3 or 4 vindicators, and a columni shield.

I am rage spec, i stack a rakata surge stim with a surge relic and i have never gotten
the 5k dmg medal. 4800 lots of times but never 5k

maybe im doing something wrong, maybe i havent found the right fresh to 50 to pray on

just seems everyone screaming OMG! 7k crits everywhere!..... well where are mine?