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who says you need to pair up rapids, with heavies? Use the ions to knock out shields and rapids to melt hull. Rapids are extremely useful for finishing off opponents due to their extremely generous firing arc.
You dont't get the point.
I'm talking about a weapon to pair up with Heavies, not a weapon to pair up with Rapids.

And as i already said, there are MUCH better lasers to finish off an enemy. Rapids do horrible damage.

Furthermore, our close range lasers shouldn't only be useful to finish off an enemy. They should be useful for all-around dogfighting, which Rapids aren't.

Most people will complain, but imo Burst lasers would be the best option for the Rycer/Starguard. If any ship would benefit the most from them, than it's this.

Heavy Lasers to rule the space at long range -> Burst Lasers to rule at close range. This combination would fit the Strike Fighters intended role of a "space superiority fighter" the best. (Not to mention that Strikers would finally be competitive with Flashfires/Stings at dogfighting.