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04.01.2016 , 10:07 PM | #1
Hey everyone. I know you veterans have seen this question (and similar ones) a million times and are sick of it. But when I search for my question the most recent threads I see are 4+ months old. So, quick summary of my situation: I just resubbed a few weeks ago and got a Jedi Sage into the 40's on Shadowlands. I live in Massachusetts and gave Harb a spin to test the latency. It was under 100ms for DAYS in a row so I thought I was in the clear. Nope! 200ms, 500ms, 5,000ms, 15,000ms tonight? No thanks, back to the east coast I go.

Long story short, any advantage in going to JC over Shadowlands, or should I just return whence I came? (If it helps, I just do casual PVE, no PVP or RP.)