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During the Mandalorian wars though the Republic forces under Revan begin to design for unkown reasons wedge shaped capital ships to use against the Mandalorians (My guess is imperial infiltrators want to test the capabilities of wegde ships against normal vessels, the mandalorian wars and the jedi civil war was actually nothing but the Empire testing the military capabilities of the galaxy).
There is a stated reason for using the wedge shape. It allows most of the ship's weapons to fire forward.

So, it makes sense for the Sith to use this design, as they are a highly militant people. it makes sense for Revan to input that design into the Star Forge, as it would make his conquering the Republic easier. But, with Revan, it also was a psychological thing: the shape of the ships and their capabilities scared people.

This principle would later be expanded on by Wilhuff Tarkin, where he believed that it was better to rule by the fear of force, rather than by force itself. A Star Destroyer certainly could back up its fierce demeanor (especially the Eclipse class), but their real power came from their status as a symbol of the Empire's strength. They served as oppressor and rallying cry all in one.
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