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But the ships that the Emperor has were the ships of the Republic left over from or built as a result of the clone wars.

Does that mean that the Jedi that commissioned the clone army and had those tall aliens build the fleet was a Sith?

And what did the Rebels do, dig up 3000 year old ships or build exact copies of 3000 year old ships
i Dnt see how u are pulling hairs over the difference in the ships when you fail to grasp a hold on some of the lore.

of course the jedi that commisioned the clone army was a sith/ considering the fact that sideous was pulling the strings in the republic AND that the council had no idea that such an army was cleared for approval by a jedi that was dead for over ten years (coincides with palpatines becoming supreme chancilo cough cough* and on another note u failed to even recall who these "cloners" are called? they are Kamino.
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