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I am also in a small guild and would love everyone's thoughts.
* The first planetary conquest goal we ever made was Dantooine (before they added XP to conquest) and since they've added XP to conquests, we probably meet 75% of the planetary conquest goals now (it's hard on weeks like the Operations conquest week).
* Since we were able to start acquiring flagship plans, we've been saving them up, anticipating at least opening up more guild perk options. However, we haven't yet gotten enough to open anything.
* We don't have enough guild funds to buy flagship plans off the GTN and aren't hardcore enough to get materials to craft a lot of dark projects.

If everything remains the same as we've seen/heard about on PTS, it seems like my guild will probably not meet the planetary conquest goals very often. Maybe 10-25% of the time.

If 5 years turns into 15 years, then it's certainly not worth bothering to try to fully upgrade the ship. Should we bother at all or should we sell our flagship plans on the GTN whenever we can get them - and use the cash to fund guild expenses (repairs, summons, a cool decoration now and then, etc.)? What do you think?
kill commanders for you encryptions, you should be able to 2 man them on most planets, keep and open up your ship

as to the op- a smaller ship for smaller guilds would be cool as long as guilds that already have the guild ship can get that one too, my tiny guild (2 currently active players, some times it balloons up to around 7!) makes conquest every week and we would love to be able to get a second guild ship to unlock or even more guild strongholds.