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Even if that is the case. Sins as a whole are dead in 6.0. reversing the change to effect all of sins and then reduce the effect to 25% that stacks with gear DF would still be a better option over all. Sins have almost nothing going for them PvP wise and PvE wise they have always been strong as far as tank is concerned. It just long enough to get you through a spike but not long enough actually destroy PvP. It a great oh crap ability for dopa sins in PvP and just supports already week in PvP shadow tanks.
Agreed, sins dont have much going for them and they were never really op so this nerf will hurt and it is unnecessary. 60% all damage absorb has been around for a long time and never have i heard about it ruining either pvp or pve. Played pvp enough against sins and didnt notice them being op thx for this one utility that merely allows for slighly better dmg mitigation.