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I miss Combat Sentinel. But I must admit Concentration (Fury) has been a surprise and is not so boring as I thought.
Actually energy management is not as easy and straight forward as Carnage IMO (I played Combat from 0 - 75 and only changed to Fury in the last month or so).

Still the way Carnage Combat is, how you build your burst and how rotation falls into place is near perfection.
If only it had the immunity... If only...
Carnage reminds me a lot of a dps guardian/jugg.....can pump some serious dmg if allowed. The difference is the ability to stealth out and knowing when it is appropriate to do so. Don't allow yourself to be put in a tunnel situation in which you experience a series of chain locks. Stealth and look for a single target away from the pack. Hit the target hard, then pred out unless no one comes to peal. Always look for straggler or a target with low hps. Playing carnage is similar to a real life predator in the wild, it preys on a target away from group or the weak (low hps).
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