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11.24.2020 , 05:51 AM | #6
Welcome back Bonner!

I agree, carnage is wicked fun. Since it is all I play, I have found the class to be quite effective in both ranked and regs.

I run with both the fanged god form and defel splice genes. Which I choose, before each round, is determined by the classes on opposing team (first round) and whether or not I was the focus (second).

As far as amps, I run with weapon expertise, 2-3 armor pen, and one force sensitivity to boost devastating blast a bit.

As far as talents, the previous poster is correct. Use root talents and root breakers. There is a second leap talent though in third tree....make sure u claim wicked good against knock backs, op spins, and speed bursts.

Yes fury is the meta....but damn it is something boring to play. Carnage is all about timing, and constant pressure, and knowing when to bail.....that comes with practice.

They are healer and sniper killers and can be very effective against tanks and ops. Assassins/shadows are what you have to watch for, they can wreck you quick.
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