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To answer your first question, Carnage is rather underwhelming in PVP as it's burst, while serviceable is not on par with other burst specs like AP PT, MM Sniper or Conc Op which is rather unfortunate since Carnage is all burst, no sustain, no DOTs or AOE cleave that would make the spec more flexible. In solos the lack of CC immunity make it much easier to control than Fury which makes survivability much more difficult as you cannot chain CC immunities of Gravity Vortex and Blood Ward during your Saber Ward like Fury can so your Saber Ward can get hard countered. When it comes to Group Ranked, Carnage is mostly irrelevant because when evaluating comps, even when it's burst vs burst...if the other team is running AP PTs or MM Sniper...ceterus peribus (all other things remain equal including skill)....the Carnage will lose.

That being said, if you take the time to learn the spec, it can still be effective, especially in regular warzones, but just know that there is a ceiling.

In terms of build, most Carnage Maras I know run a high-crit build of at least 3k and try to have an alacrity of around 663, the number may seem low, but keep in mind that Carnage Maras have a lot of passive alacrity buffs so you should be able to maintain a 1.4 GCD timer throughout the match. You can acutually achieve a consistent 1.3 GCD though I forgot the number (around 2.3k I think, don't quote me on that though), however, I would never recommend players who are new to Carnage run high alacrity as they won't be able to stay on target consistent enough to make use of the high alacrity. Some Carnage maras will eschew accuracy completely or go with the 110% mark of 1590, but that is entirely up to you.

Utilities you want to center either around preventing your target from moving around too much so you can stay on them more since you don't have natural CC immunity or a second force ravage root utilities or leap slows (1st bracket) or force choke CDR are useful. You can also run root breakers like expunging camouflage or the util that turns mad dash into a root breaker. Otherwise it's the standard, cloak of pain extension, DR, predation buffs and obfuscate buffs.

Since Carnage is almost exclusively white damage, you will want to use Weapon Expertise amps unless you are running the Addendu's Malevolence tactical...then you may want to run Armor Pen.

The best offensive tactical in slot is Fanged God Form as it makes resource management easier (to a lesser extent make you tankier as massacre spam increases defense) and on top of that it drastically increases the chance that your Ferocity window is filled with 2 crits. Prosecution is another choice, it makes Devalasting Blast affected by Furious Power.

Defensively, Defel Splice Genes (force camo refresh on predation use) will always be the top choice, plus if you run the camo cleanse util, you'll be able to cleanse way more often.
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