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Hey all,

Just resubbed. Love the speed and playstyle of Carnage Mara. How does it do in pvp? Any tips on build, utilites, amps, etc...

Thank you!
Carnage has become a bit more clunky and took a dps Nerf a while back. If you plan on doing ranked, the meta is Fury. Here is the info from the theory discord. (It maybe out of date cause I got booted from it months ago).

Set bonus - Descend of the Fearless; one piece Amplified Champion

Tactical - Cauterized Conary

Amplifier - Armor Penetration or weapon expertise. There was a bit of a debate about this and I believe weapon expertise came out on top. But I’ve seen no definitive numbers

• Alacrity:
>= 1213, 1.4 GCD *without* Guild Perk
>= 1895, 1.3 GCD *with* Guild Perk
• Accuracy:
>= 1590 (for pve) You only need 105% for pvp
• Critical: remaining tertiary stats

This might also help with what gear to keep and what to destroy

For people needing a shortlist of what to keep and what to sell/delete:

Lethal R-2 = R-3 = R-5

- Uncapped, Initiative R-18/19
- Capped, Proficient R-1

- Uncapped, Nimble R-12 though R-20 (NOT 17) and Savant R-3
- Capped, Savant R-1
-Baseline needs: R-14/18/19/20
-Nimble R-15/16 and Savant R-3 **specific to Carnage and Arsenal**.
-Nimble R-12/13 **specific to Healers**.

- Adept 80, R-18/19
- Efficient R-1

Barrage/Discipline/Studious you can just delete outright.
Sav/Prof/Eff are for Capped Content sets.