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12.19.2018 , 06:45 PM | #1
So, I know that Lethality does not really need more damage. So it's mostly rambling in this post.

Alright, so, after they redesigned the way Corrosive Assault works and made it work like Cull (forcing the DoTs to do damage and not do damage by itself), the 6-piece set bonus for Lethality seems very underwhelming. Before the change, Corrosive assault consisted of 3 hits - one with weapon damage and 2 with internal damage. With the 6-piece set bonus proc you had an auto-crit on all 3 of those hits. But now, Corrosive assault only has the weapon damage part left, so the auto-crit only affects that (I tested, DoTs are not guaranteed to crit together with CA).

You might say, well, it's the same for Virulence, Cull also doesn't get DoT autocrits. Yes, but Cull hits 4 times and it adds up to a decent amount with the auto-crit (and well, they also get 2 autocrits in a row), but we get what, a 10k-11k crit with CA every 60 seconds instead of a regular 7-8k crit... That is way too weak for a 6-piece set bonus.

6-piece set bonus has always affected one of the highest damaging abilities in a spec. So, my proposition is to move Lethal Strike to the 6-piece set bonus instead of CA. It would align very well with our rotation too - open up with Lethal Strike from stealth, get the auto-crit proc from Shiv and then do another Lethal Strike from stealth.

Lethal strike auto-critting from stealth might hurt a bit too hard though, so may be it's too strong, I don't know. Just throwing my random thoughts out there.