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03.13.2020 , 02:48 PM | #1
For as long as I've run FPs, I always hear about how such-and-such FP has too much trash (and it's not just Kaon, Chiss or Nathema) or how people would rather follow convoluted paths (and sometimes requiring tricky or glitchy jumps to perform; I've been yelled at on several occasions because I missed a jump) to evade trash.

And, of course, Red Reaper with 4 stealthers (assuming at least one of them can actually CC and interrupt) is the closest experience in the game to a trash-free FP and hence is run regularly. Speaking of which, for those that actually ran RR with 4 stealthers, do you feel the experience of running what amounts to a trash-free FP should be replicated in a future FP?

Now, a properly designed trash-free FP can still have boss fights with adds but not too many of them in a wave.