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Yeah, thats actually what I was talking about. Id like to just stop romancing both of them at that point.
I didn't see the spoilers so please forgive me for commenting from an uninformed opinion, but as a SITH I am thinking my character will want to mate with the one that will further his own ambitions. Jaesa (at the point I am at) seems like will eventually settle for nothing less than her mate eventually becoming the Emperor or at the very least a legendary dark lord. Vette seems like she will be more than happy to retire to some back woods planet and live a happy family life (with the occasional bit of pirating for fun) with the sith warrior once his "tour of duty" is over. Nah, my Sith has a vision for the Empire and his place in it and would not hesitate to flush Vette out an airlock if it meant he would get there lol.