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This fix in no way fixes the fact that biochem is better than other crew skills though, what crew skill even begins to compare with biochem post nerf?
It does not. You're right. The problem was Biochem was granting a noticeable convenience AND mechanical advantage over every other profession. Now, it's just a convenience advantage... one which would be off-set by the fact that I'd have to dump 400 Artifice to pick it up. So, I'm no longer tempted to go Biochem and abandon the work I've put into Artifice, even if - presently - Artifice is very underwhelming at 50.

All they were trying to do is not make those two professions grant a noticable mechanical advantage. Yes, Biochem is arguably still the best, but people aren't considered stupid for not picking it up anymore or aren't gimping themselves. They're just inconveniencing themselves, which is something Bioware can live with until they bring all the other professions up to par.
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