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Your reasoning makes sense. However, many developer posts have been about tackling needed game adjustments in order of priority. Is this really high on that list?

How about Ability Lag?

How about the unpopular and unavoidable Auto-PvP feature that violates the game code about non-consensual PvP (see thread in this forum)?

If y'all are using "Ease of Correction" or "Rapidity/Alacrity of Correction" as a criterion in addition to simply priority, please let us know. I think the community would accept that, but saying "priority" only, and making a fix like this, is quite the empathic failure. This community certainly has other priorities.

But thanks for the clear explanation!
I'm pretty sure they have mentioned that the complexity of implementing a fix is also a factor in determining which issues hit the patches first. That's why last patch, for example, we got "emotes from vehicles now work". It was an easy fix.

They've put out a number of posts discussing ability lag, the complexity of the problem, and the fact that they're directing a lot of resources to correcting that problem.