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Georg, from my point of view, you failed to adress the real problem.

The real problem is not Biochem medpack being too powerfull, the problem was the other crew skills being almost useless at end game and the reusable adrenals stacking with relics and other buffs being to powerfull in PVP.

Medpacks werent a problem if the other crafting skills we buffed to worthwhile levels.
I think the issue is, this kind of thing takes time. The biggest priority is to insure one profession isn't better than all the others BY LEAPS AND BOUNDS. Slicing was at first. Then Biochem was, with a strong honorable mention to Cybertech.

The most important thing to do is even them out. Then, they can begin working on the core problem, which isn't something they can just hotfix in a week.
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