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The one genuine mistake BW/EA have made is communication, a lot of people have said that they canít believe the feeling of entitlement that a lot of people have. Personally I donít feel entitled to access seven days early. (five is another matter). I do however feel entitled to proper communication from EA/BW. Something along the lines of, you will be on wave X, we are currently on wave Y, the ETA on the next wave is Z.

Furthermore I understand the need for a staggered launch, I understand server load and the fact that they canít have everyone I the same zone at the same time (Though I do worry about the official release day, and Christmas day) However this is a retail product and a lot of people wonít have this level of understanding. A bit of explanation regarding the staggering would have been a good idea.

Some people will never be happy but polite communication goes a long way to keeping most people happy and alleviates frustration.
Stephen Reid has explained at least twice (before the forums were wiped and after) both how the staggering process will work and why they are doing it this way. He has even stated numerous times why they will not tell people in advance when they will get access. It's not BioWare's fault that people don't choose to read these explanations. You can say you don't like it but BioWare and EA have communicated the reasoning behind it.