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My issue with this "rotation" is that it feels incredible awkward and clunky. There are 2 DoTs, one of which is twice as long as the other, and there is no spammable ability, meaning you're using Rapid Shots typically 3 out of every 10 GCDs, because Flame Burst has such a high heat cost.

Compare that to other DPS specs- Gunnery Commandos have Grav Round, Lightning Sorcerers have Lightning Bolt, Marksmanship Snipers have Snipe, and Carnage Marauders have Massacre. Even other DoT specs make more sense- Virulence Snipers still have a spammable ability (Lethal Shot), Ruffian Scoundrels have 2 DoTs with the same duration and a very logical flow such that you only end up using 1 basic attack every 10 or so GCDs, and heck even Vigilance Guardians (which are also a DoT spec) have a perfect rotation such that even if you screw it up (as I do quite often), you only have to use 1 basic attack every 12-15 GCDs.

Every time I come back to playing my Pyrotech Powertech, I feel so underwhelmed by just how bad the whole rotation feels. Am I alone in this?
You are not, but here is a logic and a solution for you. Pt is a high risk, high reward class. You take damage you do damage, you have insane burst, and with resource management, you are always in edge, one wrong flame burst, you will overheat without recovery. Too many auto-attack, you won't do optimal damage. Imo that is the beauty of the talent tree and the class.

With meteor brawler set heat management issues almost non-existing. After the opener ends, you are going back to 0 heat without using the vent heat or tso. But if you want to drop auto-attack completely you can use the " Flame Dissipation" tactical. But overall it's a DPS loss