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10.24.2012 , 04:35 PM | #5149
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Just resubbed again... (I'm a MoP raider but I still like this game and the star wars universe) but... WHY DONT YOU LET US TRANSFER OUR CHARACTERS to ANY server WE WANT? (PvP to PvE)... My first server was a pvp (I have 2 chars in level 30 )with many friends but they left the game months ago... I rerolled in a PVE server, got two 50s and one 45, and I would really like (as many people, I think) to have all my characters in the same f****ng server... Can you please listen to your customers? Please? can you do something (or atleast try to) like this to keep your subscribers?
You just need to be patient.

Bioware hinted at possible paid transfers back in April and now you are already checking for a status? Are you serious??

I swear this instant gratification generation never quits to amaze me.