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So dear forum members I would like to pose a question to you.

As the re-emergence of the versus threads has proven a certainty, a Vader vs. Revan thread is already posted. It seems likely that one featuring Sidious will not be far behind. So before that happens I would like to discuss some often cited bits of canon lore that will no doubt be used.

Now we all know that Lucas states that Sidious is the most powerful Sith ever. & we also know that Sidious in the EU, is for all intents & purposes the "force devil" to Luke's "force jesus". Something which some fans complain about, yet it is canon noe the less. So most largely except Sidious as the most powerful Sith.

Now Lucas states in his version of Star Wars, that Sidious isn't cloned he dies over Endor on the second deathstar. He also states that while Anakin had the potential to reach 200% of Sidious potential, because of the actions on Mustafar he only reaches about 80% of Sidious' force potential.

So which version of Sidious is Vader 80% as powerful as? Only the Lucas' version of Sidious, the EU version of Sidious, both versions of Sidious, neither as the canon has become to convuluted perhaps?

Just looking to see what everyone elses thought on the matters are, especially considering the versus threads are starting back up again.
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