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ME has been canned for now, DA hasn't been seen since and bioware are working on a few other games. Swtor should be okay to go and the fact that bioware are still hiring for people for swtor means it's still very much active.

BF2? wait what? there is already a BF2 that was launched years ago...
That's promising. Bioware is at its best when working on a new IP rather than trying to force out a DA:3 or a ME4. Both of which they did do and both of which were of low quality. The artists need to be able to let their creative juices flow! Something they can't really do when they are shackled to a 6+ year old IP.
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You can't add completely arbitrary assumptions on to someone's statement. When a statement is made, take it for what it is not for what it could be if you tack on 7 more words of your own choosing.