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The point of it would be to take debuffs that would normally require a tank swap to get rid of and prolong the main tanks up time on the boss. The added defense buff is there to help if aggro gets directed at you, or if you are taking something from the person that would normally require a dcd to manage. Face facts, PT's are support tanks, and this would be a great way to support your main tank. You do run the risk of killing your self with it, but at the same time you would be eating the bullet for the main tank, and any half competent tank is gonna keep aggro anyway since there would be no reason for it to transfer to you for taking debuffs from the tank. Past that, having the extra defensive on it would at the very least make it a general use dcd even when there is no debuffs to manage.

The second version of it where you transfer buffs from you to the target (not the same skill, this would be a completely different tac item) would have it's uses in the same way, where if you're main tanking something, lets say fabricator in KP vet, and need to ditch the armor debuff, you could just transfer that to dps and get a defense buff at the same time. This way if you are solo tanking, you lessen the risk of a dwt getting creamed by the boss while you're waiting for the stacks to drop since you're still the focus.

As for pvp, I'll be honest, I don't really think much about it because I'm not a fan of it, but it could be useful for taking debuffs like electro net, stuns, and slows from people being focused. The reverse version of it where you dump yours on to them wouldn't be as useful, but I'm sure there would be some decent combos such as transferring them to a sin or operative and having them cleanse them with shroud / evasion could be neat.
No, you miss the point of a tank entirely! Wiping tank debuffs on other DPS? A tanks job is to make DPS life easier! Not harder!
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