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I suppose that'd depend on how reasonable you're willing to be about how hard any solo grind should be...
You get me wrong. I'm not interested in "solo grind". Heroics, as I said, are not what I'm interested in here. I still wonder what this "SM content" is that the OP struggles with but he continues to avoid that question.

To address your commenst anyway: I hate grind as it is and do as little as possible of it. I don't find heroics to be particularly hard even now. A bunch of em are tedious but not hard. So then the question becomes what actually is reasonable. Do I need to be reasonable here or is it you who needs to be reasonable here?

From where I'm sitting, when it comes between the apparent difference between you and me of what we call easy or hard, it seems to me that they are still closer to you than to me. I don't expect them to get any closer to me but at least with the companion change it became useful again in places to cc, interrupt and watch kill orders and not aggro too much. To me that's all easy stuff to do. I can imagine that not everyone is like me, but in this case I'll admit I really don't understand the issue people are having with the same old heroics.

But is it the companions that need to be adjusted or the content? That's part of my point.

Just out of curiosity. Are you including for example the new Mek-Sha heroics? I mean I solo those as well but those are definitely tougher.
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